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MPlus DuroPad M8 - For the Adventurous
MPlus DuroPad M8 - For the Adventurous

MPlus DuroPad M8

For The Adventurous

Unparalleled Toughness

DuroPad M8 is engineered to seamlessly enhance efficiency and productivity of mobile workforce in their Critical Missions, and causal users when they are under Uncommon Environments for mobile devices such as a swimming pool or a sandy beach with families and friends.

DuroPad M8 offers a Fully Rugged and Sealed design that is certified to MIL-STD-810G standard, IP68 Rating Dust & Water Resistance and industry-high 5-Feet Drop Resistance. Shock absorbing rubber corner bumpers along with a structurally rigid shell, which protects the DuroPad throughout your daily adventures and operations.

MPlus DuroPad M8 - Unparalleled Toughness
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Unparalleled Toughness
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Unparalleled Toughness
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Unparalleled Toughness
Unparalleled Toughness
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Exceptinaly Built Screen
Exceptionally Built Screen

DuroPad M8 has an 8-inch 800x1280 IPS screen that offers a Vivid and Eye-Pleasing Display. The Specially Designed Outdoor Viewable Display with anti-reflective glass which enhances increased levels of screen clarity and screen visibility in outdoor situations under strong and direct sunlight. When used indoors, the screen offers surprisingly rich visibility, with sharp and crisp color transmissions


Together with significant improvements in screen durability and sensitivity, DuroPad M8 provides unprecedented touch sensitivity even with heavy gloves. DuroPad M8 is engineered to be Responsive and Resilient without compromising portability and durability.

Exceptionally Built Screen
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Architecture & Design
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Automotive
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Oil & Gas
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Government
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Free Captures in Any Conditions
Free Captures in Any Conditions

The 5MP AF Rear Camera and the 2MP FF Front Camera of DuroPad M8 capture clear images with excellent Sharpness and Richness, empowering you to shoot a racing car on a Muddy Road, take selfies under water, or record videos featuring jumping animals in a Rough Mountain, Conducting Inspections, out at a job site recording details, or interviewing a patient during a home visit.

Free Captures in Any Conditions
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Powered to Perform
Powered to Perform

Powered by the brilliant and feature-rich Android 5.1 Lollipop and Windows 8.1 OS (Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Windows 10 Optional), and Intel Baytrail Quad-core (1.33 - 1.83 GHz) CPU, the MPlus DuroPad M8 delivers Impressive and Stable Performance in multiple concurrent tasks and heavy programs.

DuroPad M8 offers the Broadest Range of Configuration Options available in its class, giving you maximized customizability. Make it a tab which is personalized to fit your own needs.

DuroPad M8 comes with a Long-Life Battery  in the capacity of 8500mAh that supports Hot-Swap Replacement, which ensure its persistent performance for 10 hours without a need for power source.

The microSD Card Slot enables you to have an Additional 64GB Storage by simply plugging in a microSDHC/microSDXC card.

Power to Perform
Differentiated Design
A Perfect Companion
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Differentiated Design
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Differentiated Design
Differentiated Design

The specially designed Octagon Shape with Golden Corners and Linings demonstrates a unique style as well as a tough and strong outlook of DuroPad M8.

Designed to deliver connectivity when it matters most, DuroPad M8 equips mobile workers with twice the bandwidth to boost productivity capabilities in the field. In combination with the tablets’ integrated 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi  and Bluetooth 4.0 Technology for local access network connectivity, the devices mobile broadband solution ensures reliable voice and data support in both high-traffic urban locales and remote job sites.

DuroPad M8 comes with a Rear Hand-Strap that  is designed to help users have the best experience. The adjustable, soft-to-the touch strap is ideal for professionals working in the field, allowing the device to be more functional, easy-to-carry and maneuver for a longer period of time.

We packed all latest technologies in this slim and lightweighted body which weighs only 665g, which allows you to Travel Light during operations.

A Perfect Companion

Designed to withstand all Unusual but Often-Encountered Circumstances, DuroPad M8 is an ideal companion of mobile field professionals, field adventurers and extraordinary lifestyle fans. 


Whether you are in field sales and service, government, healthcare or construction, DuroPad M8 enhances your productivity by enabling you to take technology directly to the point of service.

MPlus DuroPad M8 - Food Services
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Utilities
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Ratail
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Healthare
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Construction
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Public Safety
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Manufacturing
MPlus DuroPad M8 - Education



Intel® Atom™ Baytrail, Quad-core (1.33 – 1.83 GHz)



8.0” HD (1280*800) 16:10 IPS Panel

(7.0"/10.1" Also Available)




MicroSD Card up to 64GB


Android 5.1/Windows 8.1

(Android 6.0/Windows 10 Optional)




GPS , GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0


Front  2.0MP FF, Rear 5.0MP AF



8500mAh, Charging via microUSB


Support micro SIM card









Charger *1 , USB Cable *1

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