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True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Makes Your Journey Joyful and Meaningful

 - 3-IN-1 Multi-Function

 - Fast Car Charger

 - Bluetooth 4.1

 - Compact and Portable

AiroBlue A.3

Car charger    Bluetooth Headset    Car Oxygen Bar Air Purifier

 - Built-in Car Oxygen bar

 - Auto on/off

 - Smart Charging IC

 - Buy With Confidence

Built-in Car Oxygen bar
Purify the air inside the car by releasing

3-10 million/CC negative ions.
Remove all unpleasant smell like smoke, food smell, etc.
Provide you a relaxed and

refreshed driving experience.

AiroBlue A.3

 - Multi-Functional Designed


 - Bluetooth 4.1


 - Full Compatibility


 - On-The-Go Charging

AiroBlue C.3

Car charger    Bluetooth Headset

 - Smart Charging


 - Noise-canceling technology


 - Compact, Portable and Light-Weight


 - Buy With Confidence

Smart Charging
Built-in Smart IC Charging. Fast identification of devices and adjust current automatically for efficient charging.

AiroBlue C.3
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